The Bridal Party Package

Here at Bolton Creations we know how stressful weddings are (We were born planning our own!) 

So we are here to be your One-Stop-Wedding-Shop so you know exactly who you're dealing with and you know EXACTLY what you're getting at all times. 

Our Packages are broken down into sections allowing you to hit all of the major points in your wedding through the one avenue. In this particular Package we will look after Step 1:

Step 1 - Choosing your Bridal party:

- Personalised Gift Boxes are included for everyone in the bridal party are included. (Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen)

- Personalised Gift Boxes for ALL parent's are included (This is both the Mother and Father of the Bride, and the Mother and Father of the Groom.) 

GIFT BOXES: Our Gift Boxes have a variety of choices that can be customised with a limit of 6 items per box. This will leave everyone ready for the big day! The standard gift box includes, the Gift box, a robe for the women, Shirt for the Men, a personalised glass and a few added extras

Lastly because Bolton Creations cannot provide everything for the entire wedding, we have vouchers to the best wedding vendors in Perth ready for you to book! 

The Bridal Party Package

Bridal Party Size

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