About Us

If i'm honest…

When I was planning my own wedding, I had no idea what goes into a wedding, let alone the amount of little things that you need to think about.

So when it came down to the nitty gritty details that I wanted; i.e the bonbonnieres, the signs, the Photo Booth accessories, the bridal party gifts, we started to rack up quite a bill! Don’t get me wrong, the things on other sites and what other people create were beautiful… I just didn’t want to pay THAT much for it, when I could make it myself.

Upon looking up the Do-It-Yourself methods, I realised why people pay for the service, there’s a certain way to do things, and certain tools to use which requires a lot of “figure it out” senses. Luckily for me, already working from home with my Hubby-to-be, gave me the time to figure it out, and create an option for people who want the nice things however were in the same financial position as me.

Hence… Bolton Creations was born! It was perfect really. Those people that know me personally know I love giving people gifts that are really sentimental. So why not buy the tools to do it and make a small business out of it from my little apartment!

Now, if you’re still with me…


(Thankyou for listening to my story) I’d like to share that I’ll be keeping to my mission of personalised gifts to the bare minimum spend for you guys (without also running my business to the ground). I want to make my products as affordable as possible with the highest quality possible. And to prove my word, if you guys find a product that’s cheaper and the same quality, not only will I price match, but I’ll beat it by 10% ! (Sorry Bunnings, but thanks for the idea!)


If you have any questions or just want to have a chat please feel free to contact me on Instagram or Email!

Stay Fab x